Hiya, I’m Amie. 31 – from Bedfordshire England.
I live with my wonderful boyfriend, who will often get a mention in this blog.

Hi! It’s me!

I love all sorts of crafting. Painting, sewing, card making, baking, you name it – I’ve probably given it a go.
I’m thrifty – not tight. I just feel it’s important to take an extra few minutes to see if there’s a bargain to be found to make your money go further!
I am learning golf. I’m not sporty in the slightest yet I seem to love going down the range and improving my swing.
I have also recently taken up photography. You will often find me posting photos on here, not only so I have content, but so we can see the progress of my photography.

Photography instagram: @photographybyamiej

Crafty instagram: @handmadebyamiej