What a stitch up!!

Over the years I have done many a cross stitch, but I have never taken on a hand embroidery project! The last time I tackled back-stitch was in school!

As a lover of cross-stitching, I have acquired lots of thread over the years. There seems to be two main thread brands. Anchor and DMC. I truly don’t notice a difference, but I always seem to go for DMC!

On DMC’s website, there is a section for free cross stitch and hand embroidery patterns . Once you find the pattern of choice, you click “download” and you have the instant pattern and instructions.

I decided I wanted to stitch on to a t-shirt. Looking back, this wasn’t the best choice of fabric to try my first attempt on. (The fabric was thin & stretchy).

I came across the “In Bloom” pattern and I felt like it was more me and that I would feel very happy to wear it.

in bloom

Find the “In Bloom” pattern here

Before I jump straight into a project, I like to research the best way to do things. Thankfully I did as I had no idea that I needed to have a strengthener on the back of my t-shirt as the material was thin. I used Solvy Avalon water soluble embroidery stabiliser film fabric. I found it on eBay, but there’s many places online that sell it and offer information on how to use it.

Now, although this does look quite simple – it was in fact quite difficult. It was time-consuming (especially the underwear), transferring the pattern on to the top was difficult, and it used a lot of thread. This took about two months (a few hours at a time here and there sewing).

However, I would happily take on another project like this again and customise other clothes!

Here’s how it ended up:
Plain white t-shirt – H&M
Free Pattern – DMC
DMC thread – Sew and so. 

Hand sewn by me.

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