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Paint, stitch, colour and stick

As well as photography, baking and golf, I absolutely love crafting. It’s my therapy and it takes me away from everything. I do seem to have a problem though, I see a new craft and think “I can do that” so I buy all the gear to prove myself right and then I don’t make it anymore (except crochet, I truly don’t understand how people do it. I can’t get my head around it). One example of a craft I wanted to prove I could do was hair clips. My boyfriends niece was going through this hair clip phase which all kids seem to be going through right now. So I bought the whole kit you know, the fabric, the iron on fabric, a template the lot. I made her a couple and I haven’t made any since. (I have used the fabric and iron on fabric recently for another project recently).

I have made cards for years! I used to sell them too, but then people were expecting far too much for the price I was selling them and I always ended up making a loss. So I stopped selling and now I just make cards for friends and family. I don’t often by stamps anymore, which kills me. But I want to buy a few more My Favorite Things and Lawn Fawn.

I also paint! I have painted a few Disney characters. These have either been as gifts, or for my own craft room – I did not sell them. These have taken me about 13 hours each over a period of a week or so.

There’s a lady I follow on Youtube. She’s called The Art Sherpa. She will paint at real time and give instruction on what she is doing, so you are able to paint along with her. I have painted “with” her a few times. She is normally completed in about 2 hours. But where I pause and take it slow, it tends to take more like 5 or so hours. And unlike my Disney paintings, I can’t stop half way as your painting without lines with her.

I do paint by numbers. I can paint, I don’t need the lines telling me where to go, but I feel like this is a way of painting without thinking and I can just escape. Also, if I only feel like painting for half hour, this is perfect for that.

I love colouring. I always have done, ever since I was a kid. Even now at my parents, in my old bedroom, I have a colouring book with some old pencils which I grab and colour if I ever stay or get the urge to colour when I am there.
I have spent a fair bit of money trying to get the right pencils for me. At first I got some Crafters Companion Spectrum Noir pencils. I do still really like these. However, by the time I had saved up for the other sets of colours, they had been discontinued. So I was left with a limited number of colours. So I then bought a 12 (I think) pack of Prismacolor pencils. I had heard everyone raving about them on youtube and I loved the intense colour of them. Personally for me, they are too soft. They break too easy and I found they smudge too easily too. I found that I was forever sharpening them and they became short very quickly!
I then stopped with pencils and tried markers. I found some fantastic markers on ebay. But then found some second hand copics there so bought those too. I have no complaints on copics. I do love the finished look you get with them. However, unless I win the lottery, I won’t be purchasing anymore of them. They are a lot of money.
I started to scout around online for pencils again. That’s when I came across Faber-Castell Polychromos . I kept my eye on the prices as of course, they were pricey. A deal came up which actually meant a tin of 36 were cheaper than a tin of 24 and a little more expensive than 12. For £32 I bought them. I’m so happy I did. They are fantastic quality. They blend great & they are the perfect hardness. Hobbycraft also sell single colours which is handy. In the tin there was a little booklet where you could colour the boxes of the colours you own. Which is obviously handy to take with you to hobbycraft, but you can also see the real colours next to each other.

I have always loved cross stitching. I bought a really cool pattern off Etsy which says “shit happens” and I have completed that recently and will be framing it and hanging it in the bathroom.
I’m now learning embroidery. Well, I say learning. I’m rediscovering it. I remember doing it in lower school and I got myself in a bit of a tangle, I actually remember my teacher saying “Amie, you’ve made a right dogs dinner out of this”. Thankfully I have improved since then.
I’m currently working on an embroidery project right now. I don’t want to say too much as I plan on writing a blog post especially for it.
Shit happens

The previous December I had an operation on my sinuses so I bought some Christmas crafts in the sale & using my voucher I spent £2.50 and challenged myself to make a wreath. I know a lot of people love a real wreath. But let’s be honest. For £2.50, I have made a wreath I can use time and time again and I’m really proud of it.


Of course baking, I love. But I feel like our kitchen space is far too limited where we are for me to get really creative. I long for a fantastic kitchen/diner with lots of work space.

During our house search, I have said a number of times to my boyfriend “Let’s not worry about the third bedroom or the space for a creative studio!”. Every time he has said no to that and I am truly glad he encourages us to still look for a house which has the space for me to be creative. Crafting is such a huge part of me and I’d be losing a part of myself if I stopped.

I’ve been snubbed and mocked for my love of crafting in the past and I stopped. It was such a sad time for me. I have such a vivid imagination that I truly get so restless if I can’t create something.

What’s your favourite thing to craft?


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