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I always get a Great Ormond Street Hospital diary every Christmas from my dad. Between Christmas and New Year, I like to sit and transfer people’s birthday’s across and it always surprises me how much I have actually done in that year.

I thought I’d share some highlights for you!

~I started golf! My boyfriend took me down the range to “give it ago” and I absolutely loved it! Since then I have bought my own golf clubs and constantly push myself to improve.

~In March we went to London to see the Lion King. I know we are late to the game, but it was truly the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I love theatre and was amazed by it. I was so emotional throughout!
~I also went to Woburn Aqua Sana with my mum, our first experience of a spa. We both had a facial. I hope to go again this year.

~I got my DSLR camera. I have wanted one for years but I could never warrant the money. But it was the best decision I have made, money well spent.
~We also went to Hunstanton with the boyfriends family for a day.
~It was also our 2 year anniversary so we spent a night in Warwick and went to Warwick Castle the next day. We have actually just bought my parents a nights stay also because we think they will love it!


~We went to Duxford for an Air Show. I believe it was the first of the season for us!

~I turned 29, so myself and my best friend went pottery painting then afternoon tea. I want to go pottery painting again, it was so much fun. Very relaxing.

~We went to another show, Shuttleworth this time. I love going here, although it is more of a relaxed air show, you can also go around the gardens which are absolutely stunning!
~It was my best friends birthday at the end of July so we finally went to the Harry Potter studios. We were there 6 & half hours, one of the last to leave. It was the most magical day I have experienced.

Hogwarts express

~Myself and my dad went to “Baston in the blitz”. It was a WW2/1940’s reenactment weekend. If you’re into WW2 or the 1940’s definitely look into going to it. There’s stalls, singers, a battle reenactent, a fly past and so much more! It was a great day out and from what I remember, it hardly cost anything.
~Every year myself and my friend go to the Hot Rod show in Bedfordshire. It’s such a chilled day. We usually take her dogs and just have a fun day walking around looking at all the beautiful cars.
~As a family, we go annually to a local airshow. It’s not the biggest, but I prefer the vibe of it. It’s also for charity!
~Myself and my boyfriend went on our first holiday, to Crete! I still beam, when i think about that time away!


~We took a trip to Wales for my friends wedding. It was set in the most beautiful location. They looked so happy and she looked absolutely beautiful. We had such a laugh!

~In November, (as you may have previously saw) we went to Woburn for a VIP experience to see the Giraffes.

Throughout the year we also saw in concert:
Green day x 2
Guns n Roses
Ed Sheeran

We also saw the Addams Family at the theatre and a Queen tribute band

What a year! Bring on 2018!


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