Suck it in!

I’m not going to lie. My work trousers were a little tight when I put them on this morning! I might have have indulged a little over the festive period.

How was it? Did you have a good one?
I had the most wonderful Christmas time. Not only were my gifts so perfect, the time spent with both my family and my boyfriends family was full of laughter and love. We even managed to see some friends between and view a house!

Christmas day was with my family (we swap each year), It’s a lot different to my boyfriends family. He comes from a bigger family.Ā  We ate very well, we exchanged gifts. My cat Poppy (she lives with my parents as I initially couldn’t take her with me when I moved out) didn’t like her present from her grandad too much. But we thought she looked adorable! We played “play your cards right” all in the Royal Family masks (my dad loves to make a game). Then sat down for more food and Victoria in the evening. (If you haven’t watched Victoria or The Crown on netflix, where HAVE you been?!)

Poppy not looking overly impressed

Boxing day, we went to the boyfriends family. It was lovely to see the kids and get to know his cousins more (I have only met them a couple of times). We played some games and had a really great time. I truly love them. The moment I met them, they made me feel like I was part of their family.

We are looking at moving this year. I currently live with my boyfriend in his house. But we want to buy one together! We did put an offer in a house last year, but that fell through. The house we saw recently was lovely. It was Victorian, had original floor boards and fireplaces. It was really us! However, it was just a little bit too small. It would probably only work for us for 5 years. We want a child in the future and we would outgrow it pretty quickly. Although it wasn’t for us which was a little disappointing, we know more about what we want in a house and remain eager and excited for this year.

Our New Years Eve was a chilled one. I don’t drink alcohol anymore (except the odd bucksfizz over Christmas) and my boyfriend enjoys the odd Gin and Tonic, but not to the stage of getting drunk. So we decided it wasn’t worth paying to get into a pub so we stayed in, ate lobster, played games, watched a film then watched the fireworks on the tv at midnight. Nothing more perfect then welcoming in the new year in the arms of the man you love!

Last year was a closure of many demons and and a success with how well I am doing with my mental health. The only “resolution” I have this year is to fully relax and really absorb and enjoy my life with my boyfriend. Try not to worry so much. Everything happens for a reason. And now my body feels ready to let go and relax.


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