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Ding dong merrily on high..

Are you all ready for Christmas?
I finished my shopping last Friday, I just have one more gift to wrap. I’m normally a lot less organised (although really organised people would have been finished weeks ago). The main reason for that, is because I cut out all the “polite presents”. You know the ones, the “friends” you see once in a blue moon, and the blue moon being Christmas. The ones you have no idea what to get and it’s normally a random gift set from boots or something, then you end up actually giving them to them in April.

We have something going on personally, so I didn’t want or need the extra stress and unnecessary spending on people i don’t see.

We (my boyfriend and I) went to Cambridge the other weekend to get a few remaining bits. It was such a wonderful day (not only because I picked myself up a coat in the sale) but it was so festive. I had an operation last December and was unable to shop in person, so instead did it all online. But this year I have well and truly loved it. I seem to have avoided the hustle and bustle too? Are people just shopping online more now a days?
Anyway, I took my camera to take some photos, but to tell you the truth, it was absolutely freezing and I just wanted to get in the warm! (The tour guides desperately tried to get us to go punting, but there was no chance they were getting us on a boat).
We had some chestnuts, a Christmas flavour latte & saw the Salvation Army brass band playing Christmas songs. It was wonderful.

On Friday, I have a beauty appointment to get my nails all festive. Then it’ll be a day of baking. We are hosting our traditional Christmas film day this Christmas Eve so I want to bake some treats. We may have gone a little over board on the food again this year, but food is one thing I don’t mind spending money on!
Then a quick tidy up then the pub in the evening for some Christmas drinks with friends.

I’m feeling very content and happy with life and I’m really excited to spend Christmas with my love and our families. (None of my gifts have barked yet..)


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