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Autumn snaps..



I’m loving wrapping up under layers, Dr Martens back out from storage, candles being lit in the evenings and the slow cooker in full use!

I have been putting in the effort with understanding my camera in manual settings recently & it’s been paying off. It’s honestly so obvious, but so true, the more time you spend playing around with settings and taking photos, the more you will understand it. Don’t let it put you off and scare you, because already I spend more time getting that perfect angle rather than worrying about which setting i should be using.

I have tried in the past, but as soon as there was an animal involved or something that moved, i’d panic and move back to auto. This weekend, I went on a couple of walks in two different woods. One was with my dad and a pumpkin, the other was with my boyfriend. Not once did I panic and switch back.

I felt more of an achievement with my photos when I knew I did it all! Sure, they aren’t perfect. And yes, I did start to analyse them and wonder if I should post them or not. But i’m a beginner, i’m self taught and this is only a hobby. I feel like it’s important to share your progress with anything. If anyone is going to put you down, it’s them, not you. They are either jealous or threatened. My close friend is ace at photography & sells his images. He builds me up with it. He gives me tips, encourages me and has even offered to go out with our cameras and gives me pointers. Those are the people and voices you (and I) should listen too.

Here’s a few snaps I took. I’m proud of them & I hope you enjoy them!

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?



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