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Mirror Mirror..

Just a quick one..

I have coloured my hair for a fair few years now. I think I started back in my early twenties. I was a bright red head for a while and I loved that colour. I still do. But as I get older, I also don’t have the patience for for colouring it home every three weeks (It had to be bright). I also feel like women over a certain age shouldn’t have brightly coloured hair – my personal opinion of course.

I’m only 29 and I sound like i’m 50.

Anyway, A year or so ago, I (spent a fortune) went to my hairdresser and he completely stripped that red box dye out. I had to take a vow never to use the product again. It was a bitch to get out.
I went back to my natural brown colour with some hints of caramel to add a bit of glam. Well, as i previously stated, i’m a lazy bugger and didn’t go back for touch ups. But it now looks like i have wonderful ombre hair.. It’s the look I was clearly going for! *ahem*.

I’ve recently been noticing the odd (a fair few) silver hairs. I expected it. My grandad has a head of pure white/silver hair. It’s not a grey colour in the slightest. And i love that. My dad is also going this same shade.

At first i started to pull the off silver hair out. Then I spent ages debating whether or not i should dye my hair again or if the boyfriend wants to date someone with white hair.. But you know what. Fuck it. Society makes you feel like you should cover these hairs. Along with have plumpy lips, zero cellulite, sleek hair and be able to look like you are flawless in every photo.

I’m going to embrace these silver hairs, I work out (occasionally) and have a little cellulite – but I am a foodie and i’m lazy. What did I expect to happen? And lets be honest, all girls have it. My hair makes me look like i belong in the stage performance of the lion king every morning and i can’t take a decent selfie without squinting because my eyesight is also shit!

I’m going to embrace who I am. There will be another craze soon enough. Everyone is beginning to look the same as it is!



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