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My best friend LOVES Harry Potter (as do I). It was her birthday recently and we went to the Warner Brothers studio. It was pure magical. I will do another blog post about that. But this post is about her Harry Potter themed birthday present I made her.

Every HP fan dreams of the day they receive their Hogwarts letter. And that’s what I made happen.

I found a company online that creates the whole personalised package. To name a few things, it has the welcoming letter with a list of requirements, a Yule Tide Ball ticket, Knight Bus and Hogwarts Express tickets, A certificate, maps and many more goodies.

I decided I wanted to make her a Harry Potter suitcase to present this in and to keep everything together.

I bought this case online.

I then added strips of cardboard to make the illusion of “straps” across the case and fancy corner pieces which were actually fancy mini wooden frames which i cut to size.

I covered the whole thing in Gesso to make sure the paint didn’t soak through.

I then gave a thin base coat of a light brown paint, then covered with a darker brown paint and swirled in black paint with my fingers to give the illusion of leather.

On the straps & corner pieces, I painted them a gold colour then rubbed on a gold lustre to give a shimmer. I found the Hogwarts logo online and stuck it down with Matte Medium.

One the inside I painted a thin layer of red paint.

I added feet to the bottom to give a realistic effect.

I got her to open this up in the car once we arrived at the Warner Brothers studio. She was thrilled with it and added to the excitement of what we were about to see.

*TIP*. Do give yourself plenty of time for the different coats to dry. I did this over a period of a month and a half.

*TIP*. Where the case closes, do the thinnest amount of paint possible to avoid sticking when the case is shut.

*WHY NOT*. Why not find a red silk scarf or material and line the case.

Hogwarts trip blog here: We caught the Hogwarts express..


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