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A little piece of heaven..

It was jam packed weekend again. Saturday, myself & my dad were at Hyde Park for a day of music with Green Day & support acts. A beautiful day with my best friend. (I will forever be a daddy’s girl)

Sunday, myself and my boyfriend (both of us full of cold) went to Shuttleworth for an airshow. We spent most of the time in the Swiss Gardens. I honestly feel like it’s the most beautiful place I have ever been. It’s local too.

There was a lot of people dressed up in the 1940’s gear which for me, was FANTASTIC. I have a lot of interest in WW2.

We saw a few planes, walked around the army vehicles and displays, had some tea and cake (very British) and explored the gardens (twice).

I have added a few photos from our day out. If you like my photos, I have created an Instagram solely for my “photography” photos. (I’m not taking myself too seriously. I am well aware I am purely an amateur. But I enjoy it – and everyone has to start somewhere right?)

Here’s the link to my Photography By Amie J profile. I will be adding/spamming the page more in the next few days.


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