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Someone like you..

Last night my boyfriend finally claimed his Christmas present. We went to Wembley to see Adele.

I know her music from the radio & I like her newest album quite a bit. But last night was more for him.

Until we got there..

The woman is remarkable. Her voice is absolutely flawless. You could have been forgiven to think it was a CD. (It wasn’t). She looked beautiful. Her smile was so full of joy.


The first word that came out of her mouth was “fuck”. Followed by “fuck, fuck, fuck”. She was nervous but it never showed. She was hilarious. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

She has it all. Yet she never let’s fame get to her head. She’s a superstar and mum. Both separate. Her singing is her job and she keeps her private life private. In this day and age, what a beautiful thing that is.

My boyfriend was in his element. He loved every moment.

She’s a month older than me. Yet I feel like she is my mentor. IΒ too, had some hideous relationships in the past. I feel like her music is comfort & a guide. She’s been through it too and we bonded. We bonded after each and every song.


Like her, I have found my happy ever after. Something I had given up on. I could listen to her music and not be sad, but empowered that I have reached the other side – the happier side.

After these last few Wembley dates, she’s (quite rightly) going to take time off to be a mum. She said she isn’t sure if she will be back.

It was a beautiful night.

I left feeling like I have a new friend.

Thank you Adele.



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