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Make A Wish..

It was my 29th birthday on the 8th! My final year of my twenties.


I literally had to work out my age because I was convinced I was at worst my mid twenties.. It only seemed like last year I was coming in at 3am after a night out and falling asleep on the stairs with my make up on & spending an obscene amount of money on clothes. Now my life is bed latest at 11, I don’t drink alcohol, I make sure my face is moisturised, I never buy anything without searching for a discount code and I get quite excited when it’s time to replace the washing up sponge..

Maybe I really am 29 after all.. However, I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life. Well, winning the lottery would be quite lovely. Nothing seems bad when you’re lying by the pool in your own luxury villa does it!

I did plan on going to the Zoo with my best friend. Can I say that at my age? My dear friend? My friend of a decade? You get the idea.. But the weather looked a bit grim, So I found a place not too far away that does pottery painting. Was a little pricey – but we were there for about three hours and could have stayed longer if we wanted. They had a huge selection to paint. From coasters, tea light holders, mugs, vases, bowls, plates, you name it, they had it!

Hi! It’s me!

I painted a tea pot – didn’t think it would take too long. How wrong was I! Foolishly I decided to paint the inside too.. All coats had to be done three times.. I hope it doesn’t look too bad when we pick it up next week. Otherwise it will be a lovely ornament hidden in a cupboard!


We then went to a funky coffee shop full of art for afternoon tea. Apart from being sat right under the air con – It was quite nice!

I then went out for dinner with my boyfriend. It was a lovely day.

Over the weekend, I hit 100 balls down the driving range & went for a walk with the Mr. It was nice and chilled.

My dad picked some flowers for me from his garden and I spent an hour playing around with my camera!


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