Out and About

Where in the world..

I haven’t given up on this blog just yet. I’ve been super busy and then super ill. Fun/ not fun..

I’ll give you a quick run down on where I’ve been & what I’ve been up too..

On the Tuesday after Warwick, it was our Anniversary. We went for a lovely dinner at the Flying Horse in Bedfordshire. I’m a huge foodie & I’m slowly turning my boyfriend into one!

The boyfriend, my friend & his friend went to the 02 to see Ed Sheeran. I wasn’t a fan of his until his new album, but I totally enjoyed the show! It was just him on the stage with some cool visual effects on the screen. I was impressed with his energy!

My boyfriend has been teaching me how to play golf. I have been down the range now about 11 times. Every once in a while he’ll record me so I can see my improvement. I’m always hard on myself and never give myself credit or praise. But i’m really proud of how far and how quickly I’m coming on and picking it up. I am tempted to do a blog post with the improvement..

One of my favourite films of all time is The Addams Family. I took the boyfriend to see The Addams Family Musical in Northampton.  We LOVED it. I heard the boyfriend laughing often. I feel like I am one step closer to being best friends with Morticia *drifts off into a little dream*

I went out with my friend and her two children to one of these padded play centres. I was bloody worn out by the end of it.  When she suggested going, I thought you shut the kids in some kind of pen and then sit and watch with a cuppa. Not once did I expect to be scrambling up some slippy foamy stairs, wrestling with foam snakes which other kids  launch at you while you’re trying to keep hold of a young child, to then go down a slide which you come to an abrupt stop mid slide (It wasn’t my bum.. I don’t have a big bum) and the toddler looks at you with disgust. I feel like these places need a training programme which you can train for before you enter!

And finally, my boyfriend, my parents and I went to a Queen tribute night (the band, not The Queen..) I was feeling horrendous, but I went regardless and it was actually a really good night. My parents met the boyfriends parents for the first time (as they were there too). Very successful.

So there we are. A little run down of the adventures of me!

It’s my 29th birthday next month.. Any suggestions on what to do?


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