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A night in Warwick – part 2

..continued from A night in Warwick – part 1!

Before we left home we looked at booking the tickets for the Castle online. If you book 5 or more days in advance you get a discount. BUT, if you are a Tesco’s club card holder, you can buy entry tickets with your points. Two adult day tickets (without the dungeon – I’ll get to that later) was £14 club card points. So it didn’t really cost us anything..

We got to Warwick just after 10am (it opens at 10) and I would highly recommend getting there early. Not just for the parking, but there’s also so much to do. The parking is £6. I read online that people were complaining about this – let’s be honest. Your car is on site and it’s for all day. I have been to more expensive multi story car parks!

At the entrance, we were greeted by Queen Elizabeth I and a Knight (and a swift, no queue entrance – another plus for getting there early!)


You’re given a map and a timetable with events. First was the Bowman show at 10.30. The actor was funny & factual. He got the crowd interacting and it really set the day off! There were jokes for the adults and fun facts for the kids.

Next we went to see the Trebuchet show (I think this was the beginning of the sunburn). All shows are twice a day. The Trebuchet only fires once a show as it takes 6 minutes to load. I won’t spoil it too much.. But it’s really interesting.



After this, we headed to the Horrible Histories maze. It was aimed more for kids, but we still enjoyed it and took more than a couple of wrong turns!


We then took a walk round the water-mill & the grounds. These were absolutely stunning.


Then it was time for a sit down and watch the Flight Of The Eagles show. (we watched both shows as they were showing different birds) One bird was a Condor – the biggest bird in the world. It’s wingspan was over 10ft.. For someone who HATES anything with wings that flap – it wasn’t the easiest of viewing!


We then walked around the top of the walls. The views are insane! Absolutely beautiful. We were lucky to have such nice weather.



We then (I wasn’t kidding when I said there’s so much to do) went inside.


The only thing we didn’t have time to do, was have a go at archery. We left at 4.30, they shut at 5. We really made a day of it, but we were shattered and a bit sunburnt. 

I mentioned the Dungeons. I am the type of person who jumps when the boyfriend walks in the room, or even at my own shadow. After reading the reviews on how scary it was, I had convinced myself not to do it. We saw a woman come out of the dungeons, she looked terrified. Her partner on the other hand was laughing. It’s all down to the person, and how you cope. But I overheard them playing back a video on the phone and it was loud screaming..

I would happily go back to Warwick Castle. It was a great day out.

If you have a pushchair, unable to climb stairs at ease or are scared of heights, the towers, walking up the tops of the walls of the castle and the Time maker show (it gives you history on the castle) may be a no go for you..


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