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A night in Warwick – part 1!

It’s mine & the boyfriends second anniversary on the 25th (April) so we decided to go away somewhere for the night as a treat.

We initially looked into staying at Windsor & visiting Windsor castle. But from the end of March until (I believe) September, a lot of the castle is shut as Queenie wants a bit of privacy. You can’t blame her!

We decided on Warwick. Neither of us had been before and we had heard a lot of great things about Warwick Castle.

In this blog I will be talking about the hotel. In part 2, will be about the castle (with photos).

I’m a massive Premier Inn fan. I think you get great value for money, the beds are always comfy and the unlimited breakfast is always a winner. Since this trip was more special, we looked into some slightly more fancy hotels. When I say we – I actually mean the boyfriend. He found the hotel and I was extremely impressed.

We stayed atΒ Chesford GrangeΒ in Warwick. Annoyingly I didn’t take any photos of the outside or rooms. But have a browse on their site, and you can see how nice it is for yourself.

We arrived at 1 although we knew check-in wasn’t until 3. We intended to go for walks near by as there are a few things to visit. We made it as far as the bar!

The reception staff were incredibly friendly and apologised a couple of times for the room not being ready – even though it was our fault for turning up so early.

We got a room at 2.30 (they moved us to one which was ready – again, they didn’t have too. We wasn’t in a rush). I had no idea that this hotel was so big. But it also never felt crowded which was great. I’m the type of person who feels a bit out-of-place in fancy hotels and restaurants, but not for a single second did I feel that way.

Our room was bright & had a lovely view of the garden. The bathroom was modern, a powerful shower and spotless (and had some freebies). The room had an iron & ironing board (I HATE creases in my clothes – having this available was brilliant). There was also a chair with a coffee table if you didn’t want to lounge on the bed. Then there’s the bed.. The bed, pillows and duvet was like sleeping on a cloud. Honestly, it was so comfortable. We now want to track down some pillows for home of that standard.

I found the room to be a good size, and we were only in a standard – I can only imagine how big the other rooms must be.

Once settled into the room, we decided to go down to the pool. There is a spa, a gym and a steam room too. I avoided the spa (I would have spent too much on treatments) and we both avoided the gym. The pool wasn’t massive, but it didn’t need to be. There are “adult only” swim times, but we missed that by minutes. We spent a bit of time in there & and in the steam room before heading back to the room to freshen up.

We had some time to kill before we went out for dinner, so we went down to the bar for a snack and a drink. The bar itself is split into two rooms with fantastic use of mirrors. In one side is the “Terrace bar”. That reminded me of a bright sun room, it overlooks the terrace and beautiful gardens.
Then you had the other side of the bar. This had dark wood cladding, mirrors which made the bar look double in size, a massive fireplace and off that in a little area which looked like a library.

Again, with the size of this hotel, it never seemed to be overcrowded (even when we came back from dinner).

We decided to eat out, the hotel menu looked great, however, we wanted to see a little bit of the area.

The room was really peaceful. We never heard any neighbours or had any disturbances in the night.

Breakfast was included with our room. It was an all you can eat – which to me, is the best kind of breakfast. I found the quality of the food was faultless and if you wanted something that wasn’t on the menu, the kitchen was more than happy to make it for you. I’m not sure what else you could want – as there was so much choice on offer. Again, the staff went above and beyond to make sure you were happy and satisfied.

I over heard one women say to her partner that they only had raspberry jam (he wanted strawberry). A member of staff appeared out of no where and said “one moment, I’ll go and get you some”.

We checked out at 10 (Check out time is 11) but we wanted to head to the castle nice and early.

I would certainly stay at the Chesford Grange again. It’s a part of the Q hotels, I would also happily stay at another hotel, maybe one with a golf course if it is up to the standard of Chesford Grange.

5* from me – not a single complaint.

A night in Warwick – part 2

Stay tuned for Part 2, Warwick Castle..


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