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Less is more!

As like many females, I’ve been struggling with my skin for a while. There’s so many products out there to buy & it can at times, be baffling. Also, make up! You wear it to cover the bad skin, but the make up isn’t helping and you need to take a break from it – but who wants too with imperfect skin? It’s a vicious circle. It doesn’t help that magazines and celebs are full of airbrushed images – even Instagram have edited photos now a days.

One thing that will help – which I am still working on is H20. I need to work on drinking more water. I’ve never been a person who drinks much anyway. I’ve even tried those bottles where you put fruit in to make fancy water – it lasted a week!


I went to Aqua Sana recently at Woburn Center Parcs with my mum. (I would highly recommend going, it’s wonderful). We both had a 55 minute Decléor Facial and it was absolute bliss.

The lady who treated me asked me my routine for my combination skin. I had been using a charcoal daily wash every morning, a charcoal scrub with my Magnitone Lucid Daily Facial Cleansing & Exfoliation brush every evening and once a week i’d use a face mask. I was struggling with oily skin, dry skin and breakouts. So because of this, i felt the need to use as many products as possible. BIG MISTAKE.

The beautician (of course) recommended some products to me and to completely change my skin routine. Instead, she said to use the face wash as normal day and night, exfoliate once a week and do a face mask once a week. In the mornings, she recommend me to use Decléor Hydra Floral Anti Pollution Hydrating gel-cream and in the evenings use Decléor Aromessence Neroi hydrating night balm.

The spa shop – was of course extortionate prices. But I was also really keen on trying these products as this is the first time I had been given advice from someone who knows about skin care!

I found both products on The Salon Look and a fraction of the price:

Decléor Hydra Floral Anti Pollution Hydrating gel-cream. Spa price £41. Online £25.48.
Decléor Aromessence Neroi hydrating night balm. Spa price £36. Online £20.65.

Spa total £77. Online total £43.68. A saving of £33.32. 

I also swapped my charcoal face wash for a Biore charcoal soap (found in Boots).

It’s been a month since the spa day and the skin care routine change and the difference is noticeable. I have no breakouts, my pores are looking a lot clearer, my skin isn’t dry or oily anymore and I have the confidence to not wear make up AT ALL. I only wear it on date nights. The cream and balm haven’t even got a dent in them – a little goes a long way. I would never think about spending £43 on skin products, but they are worth it.

If you are unsure on what your skin type is or unsure how to take care of it, I would highly look into getting a facial and getting some expert help on products to use. But always shop around for the best price!


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