I put my Christmas money & some savings together & got myself a Nikon D3300 DSLR camera.

Funny enough – I got a deal on that too. I firstly went in-store to Currys and there was an extremely helpful & knowledgeable member of staff who gave me some great advice. He let me play around with the camera and answered my questions. He also gave me some advice on lenses.

In true Amie form – I didn’t buy there and then.

I checked their website and saw that they had a deal on the camera and Sigma lens (which was the one I was interested in in-store).

To buy the camera (£319) and the lens (£98) separately, it would have cost £417. The bundle deal came to £395.49. A saving of £21.51 which paid for the memory card.

I took it out for the first time on Sunday – I went on a day out to the coast with my boyfriends family.


It is a really light & small camera. Which for petite hands like mine – is perfect. But the added lens will be perfect for airshows later on in the summer.

It’s a really simple camera to use, which is great for a beginner. But this also gives me the opportunity to grow in my understanding of photography in time.



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