What’s that smell?

I haven’t had a sense of smell for about three to four years due to polyps in my nose. 

However, since having an operation to remove them in December, I occasionally get a wiff of things. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to smell food again. Even the aftershave of my boyfriend. (I never knew what he smelt like!)

When I got my operation date, I said I would buy myself some fancy perfume as a treat. And that’s what I did.

Since I couldn’t guarantee when my smell would come back (and disappear minutes later) I thought i’d get myself some sample perfumes and keep them at home to test when possible.  

Offer number one:

On you can have a “pick ‘n’ mix” of five samples a month and only pay £3.95 shipping. This includes make up, perfume, skin care, hair plus more. If you are already buying something from the website, it’s included in the p&p.

I got myself five fragrances and asked my boyfriend to smell them and put them in order he liked them. Then when I could smell, I would work down the list. 

I ended up picking, Marc Jacobs. Divine Decadence. 

However, I wasn’t keen on the price. 

Offer number two:

On they are currently (on the date of writing this, 03/04/2017) having a spring sale! 

In Boots (and RRP) 100ml of this perfume is £96. I bought it for £49.95 and it was free p&p which arrived in a couple of days. 

How great is that saving?!




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