Mines a salted popcorn and a coke..

Myself and my boyfriend, love to go to the cinema. He has an unlimited card. And although it can be worth it if used often, the thrifty side of me cannot warrant spending £17 something per month on this.

However, I have just bought a DAY travel insurance for myself for £1.93 on compare the (also known as compare the meerkat) and they have a deal that if you buy a certain insurance via them (read their T’s & C’s before hand), they will give you a code a week  (to use on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday) which entitles you a 2 for 1 ticket.

So in theory, with my boyfriends unlimited card, it’s free! So if i use my code a week on a film, I have just saved myself, minimum, £520.

Since Tuesday’s are date nights.. guess where we are going tonight!




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